Samstag, 25. September 2010

One Tour down, .... tours to go


I'm currently sitting in bed at Joel's parent's house in Fort Collins, CO. Tonight we will play our last show for this tour. It's hard to believe that this whole thing will be over in a matter of hours. I don't want to make a big deal out of this, so I'll just let you all know that the last leg of the tour has been wonderful. We've played in front of some pretty small audiences in our day, but none have received us as warmly as those here. I don't think any of us thought this first tour would go as well as it did. One thing is for sure: It wouldn't have gone half as well if it weren't for some key players who helped us prepare and others who helped us along the way. I would like to take this moment to thank the following people/bands/families/etc...:

Laura Daley (mom- for being a ruthless booking agent and more importantly a fierce friend), Phil Jamieson, Ben Hofmann, David and Lisa Boyd, Sam and Jamie Bott (and the Bolinder family), John and Katie Walt, Rich and Tiff Zuch, the countless people who let us crash on your floors over the last 3 weeks (!), Hannah Boyd, Sarah Boyd, Katrin Neubacher, Jake Neubacher, SYN Vodka, Caspian (dads- we love and miss you endlessly), Rosetta (you guys destroyed in Philly. Thank you!), Dreamtigers, Japanese Sunday, Community College, and all of the other bands we had the honor of sharing the stage with. Thanks to all of the people who bought our merch and in turn helped us donate more money to Charity:Water. We didn't quite reach our goal of $5000 but every little bit counts! I'm sure I've forgotten a lot of other people here, but these ones came to mind first. Again- thank you to everyone who made this tour possible. I thank God for this wonderful experience and for the ones to come in the future.

So, tonight we play our last show in Fort Collins. After that we are going to celebrate what has been a time of learning, a serious time of traveling, a time of missing, and most of all a time of fun. America- you have not seen the last of us...

blessings and love,


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