Montag, 16. Februar 2009

Valentines's Day, 2009

Hi everyone!

The album is still coming along great. Each track we record i get more and more excited. There are still a couple of songs that need writing before we can finish up the recording sessions, so i am praying we don't lose momentum.

As for the songs themselves,those of you who have heard our first record, will notice a seemingly abrupt departure from many of the light-hearted poppy elements which distinguished that album. I don't want to say that "we've found our sound." Besides being cliche, that would also be depressing. I hope we never come to a point where we become boxed in by the boundaries we have set for ourselves. This record shows how our music is evolving, bringing us places, we've always wanted to go.

Here is another short clip from our studio. Enjoy!

cheers, joel

Sonntag, 1. Februar 2009

Lehnen Studio Session Febuary 1st, 2009

Hi everyone!

here's some more footage from our studio. i hope you enjoy seeing the progress we are making on the new record.