Donnerstag, 4. Dezember 2008


Dear Friends,

Updating and maintaining a website can be so exhausting. That is why I, The Fress, have decided to follow in the footsteps of so many devoted bloggers before my time, and blog on behalf of our band. 
As of now, we, Lehnen, are (re)entering a very exciting stage in our musical career. We've hinted at it more than once in recent times. Correct: we are writing material for our second album. I strongly encourage that you look back for news once a week. We'll be sharing pictures, videos, maybe a sound clip or two...who knows...We have a long journey ahead of us. Certainly not as long as Massive Attack's follow up to "100th Window", no. And CERTAINLY not as long as GnR's follow up to...well, I never really gave a shit about GnR, so I can't tell you what preceded "Chinese Democracy". But I CAN tell you that A. the only good thing about that album is its title & B. We are confident we will achieve more than coming up with a ???clever??? name for our next album! I will not reveal too much just yet, but if you bare with us, I can guarantee you a bulk shipment of pleasure! We love you all!