Donnerstag, 12. April 2012

Work, Work, Wedding, Work, Album, Work

Hey everybody!

So, it may look like we are not really doing much lately, but it only appears that way. Since we got back from our last US- tour a year ago, we haven't played many shows. It will probably still be a while before we do, but we are right in the middle of the writing process for our new record. For us, this has been very intense.

Life, as always has been pretty crazy for everyone in the band. I have spent most of 2012 planning my wedding, and about 30 hours in the studio every week writing new material. We are really taking our time with this new album, making sure that there is no comprimise, and really paying attention to the flow of the songs.

This album is a departure from a lot of the things we have done on previous recordings- for one thing, it's a lot heavier. I have spent a lot of time simply working on guitar sounds and experimenting with different pedals. Generally, we have been writing songs that focus on creating a full sound using the main insturments in the band: drums, bass and guitars, and depending less on synths and electronic drums. There will even be a few instrumental tracks on this one.

It should not take us too much longer- my guess would be late this year, but it should definitely be worth the wait! Check back soon; as soon as we are in the studio I will be posting updates and videos!