Sonntag, 18. Januar 2009

It has begun!
After many purchases from various music stores, hours spent practicing, composing, and contemplating, Lehnen have finally started recording their second (as of yet, Untitled) album.
First impressions? Well, I myself am exhilarated! The raw material already sounds BAD-ASS, and we are making more progress than we thought we would at this stage. Now, that is not to say that we will be releasing the record any time soon, no; however, it will be out there sooner than expected, that's for sure. We have yet to write a few more songs for the second album, but all of the ideas are on the table. 
I cannot, and will not, go into too much detail explaining what the songs are sounding like thus far, but I will say this much: This CD is going to be anything but minimal. Be excited, be be excited! Here are a few pictures from the studio:

Recording station with Synths

The drums

(some of) The Guitars/Basses