Donnerstag, 9. September 2010



So, blog-updates aren't coming along as often as I (and maybe you) had hoped they would. Suffice it to say we are keeping very busy. I am just going to give you a brief run-down of how the last few shows went and what we have to look forward to. So, let's begin!

These last three days we played in Austin TX, Hot Springs AR, Nashville TN, and Chicago IL. Yup- LONG drives. They sucked. All in all, though, well worth it. We met some incredibly nice people who supported us those nights and expressed interest in supporting us in the future. So far the crowds we have been playing in front of...well, can't really be called "crowds". Nonetheless, those who are at the shows really dig it. It's so much different here than it is in Europe. We are definitely starting over again. Nobody knows who we are, so every night is a unique experience with regards to watching the audiences in their response to our jams. It's a great opportunity for learning how to be open-minded. There is literally no room for expectations, so the best we can do at this point is take the stage with humility, play as skillfully as we can, and have fun. It's refreshing, really.

So far, the two highlights of this tour have been playing in Nashville and Chicago. Frank Sass, the soundguy at the Rutledge in Nashville, is hands-down one of the coolest soundguys EVER. He was very patient, hilarious, and incredibly skilled. We have great mutual respect for what we do, and I think we'll be visiting that venue again next time. We also had the chance to reunite with some close friends of ours. Saying goodbye the next morning was a big low-point for me. Chicago at Angels & Kings: That show was RIDICULOUS! This place had a massive screen and a dope projector which projected Stefan's visuals all over us, and it just looked amazing. Our dear friend, Laura Daley (without whom this tour would not be happening), shot some great footage of "Coma" and one of the two new songs we're playing over here, "Home". You'll be seeing some of that footage very soon. After our show, we had the pleasure of watching Community College play. Those dudes make some of the most intricate music I have ever heard, and it works so well in the live setting. We traded CDs, so I'm pumped to give them a listen in the van. Check them out! After the show, we finally had the opportunity to load out in a relaxed fashion and just have fun. We drove out to Laura's mom's place (which is massive and just cozy in every way imaginable) and just laughed for about 4 hours straight. Twas a good night.

So, tonight we head out to Lafayette IN to play The Muse. Laura managed to get some more shows booked for us, so our first and one of the few breaks we'll get will be in New York City on the 13th. 11 shows back to back for the first half of the tour. Tiring but awesome for sure! Anyways, pictures and videos will follow shortly!

much love,

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