Freitag, 3. September 2010



Where to begin, where to begin?
I don't know how to describe the truly magical things that are going on right now. On one hand, I, Matthew, am in a position I have never been in: on the road, driving through endless desert, showing up to concerts with (sometimes) no places to stay, etc... It's a bit unnerving to be entirely honest. On the other hand, we are FINALLY doing something we have been wanting to do ever since Lehnen's conception. Not only are we on the road now playing a minimum of 18 shows, but we have people who are supporting us all over the place. I cannot describe with words how grateful we are for the help we have received from certain people, even financially. Lehnen are truly blessed. I am not so naive to believe that every trip and every show are going to be amazing, but this tour is already turning out to be worth it. Damn... I'm getting emotional right now as I write this. Okay- enough sentimental crap.

CO Springs at the Rocket Room: We played first in front of a good handful of people- all of which were as curious to see what this little Austrian band could do as we were to see what playing in the US was like. We had the most technical difficulties at this show I think we have EVER had at any show, but we still gave it our best and had a blast. The people seemed to enjoy it quite a bit, too! Those who were there during our soundcheck were mad at us for stopping after soundchecking "Coma". All in all, it was a great night! The other bands - Tango Red & Birds and Batteries - were both great muscially and truly sincere and kind people. After the show was over, we all piled into a motel room (after checking in at the front desk with an employee who needed a nap more than anyone else in the world....slowest dude EVER, I swear.... but friendly enough).

Amarillo TX at the 806: Small little cafe place with great vibes, wonderful tunes, and what smelled like amazing bagles. Too bad I was too nervous to eat anything. We set up and did our thing for about 45 minutes. There weren't all too many people there, and it was hard to tell whether those who were there actually enjoyed us or not. I guess they were as nervous about clapping as we were about playing. All in all, though, it was a great night. The merch booth was visited by most of the people who came to see us, and there was even a group of very enthusiastic attendees who are now planning to drive 6 hours to Denton TX to see us again tonight. Yeah- no comment other than "amazing!!!".

Denton TX at The Boiler Room: Well, this show was POORLY attended. One could easily pack 5-600 people in that place, and the sound was fantastic, too. Unfortunately, it was just the wrong night to play there. The one thing that was really encouraging about that night was that two guys from Amarillo drove 6 hours to Denton to see us again! Wow. win some, you lose some.

Tonight we're playing at Red 7 in Austin TX. This has great potential for being one for the books. Keep your fingers crossed! We'll be putting up more pictures and videos from time to time. Until then, take care and kiss our dearly missed Austrian soil for us from time to time. Au revoir,


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Mr. Snazz hat gesagt…

I think people were hesitant to clap because they weren't sure if the songs were over. At the end of several songs, when you are turning down the sound, it is hard to tell if that was the end of the song or not.

I am not sure what could be done about it, but I think that is why the applause seemed odd.